Latest Obsessions: March + Spring Edition

Confession: I’ve been very absent the last several weeks, but I’ve been swamped with a new job (working for the kindest guy ever!) and schoolwork, including translating old Italian books and letters dated between 1847-1850. Why yes, I do feel extremely cool and slightly like Sherlock Holmes.

Anyway, onto what I’m loving this spring! In no particular fashion because I’m a disorganized individual. My closet is evidence.

Books: Old Italian + Journaling


Check. It. Out. What you’re looking at, folks, are mid-19th century prayer books from Italy. One of my grandfather’s friend’s found them in his attic. They supposedly belonged to his wife’s parents. I took them to the Head of the Italian and French Dept. so we could do some investigating on these little gems. The books included a letter tucked in it. Written with quill and ink, it was a prayer letter that talked about indulgences. My little Catholic soul was slightly perturbed and equally amused by this! I’m working with the generous University of Arizona Special Collections section on preserving these and adding them to a lucky library/museum. The earliest date we found was 1847 and the letter was written Dec. 2, 1850 (165 years ago!).

Something that I’ve been doing more recently is good, old-fashioned writing. I mostly do this in a diary that dates back to 2010 (and my how I’ve changed!). It’s a great outlet for anything and everything that’s on my mind. I’ll write down my dreams or any creative story ideas I have. I’ve discovered that I dream poems, which is by far the most bizarre discovery ever. Somebody look this up: is dreaming in poems normal? This has been a common phenomenon for me once I embraced my artsy side. (And, no, that’s not my actual journal, but nice try).

Home Decor: Spring Wreaths + Container Gardens

Nothing says spring like bright, colorful flowers! My favorite places to get them are farmers’ markets (especially the Little Italy Mercato in San Diego) and little nurseries. There are tons of tutorials on the Internet on how to make a flower wreath. But if you’re really not up for it, then Etsy is always an option.

UGH, do you know how badly I want that table?! If you’ve been reading up on GMOs in the US, then you’re probably starting to realize that the vegetables and fruits at the store come from…questionable resources. God bless those farmers at the farmers market, but I don’t have $5 to spend on 1 bell pepper. Container gardening is an economical way to cater to your health and a relaxing way to spend your time. Win-win.

Skin: Al naturale

Break out the BB, CC, DD, whatever creams. I used to be all about medium-cover foundation, but it’s challenging for me to find one that matches my skin tone and doesn’t feel like a mask. I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m okay not being tan like most people here in the southwest. I was born with porcelain skin and that’s that. I’m not willing to risk potential skin cancer to fit in with the “norm”.

Accents: Fuchsia + Gold

Speaking of al natural skin, that doesn’t mean no fun. About this time of year, I trade my red lipstick out for a bright fuchsia lipstick. Most people are scared of that much pigment, but I promise you, you will look good it. Go to Sephora, or another make-up store, and get your color matched. My fuchsia has a cool undertone to help make my teeth look whiter.

I’m sensing a gold-leafing sensation of DIY projects coming my way. I think this tone adds the perfect amount of richness to break up all the colors and whites we’ll see this season. I think I’ll mostly be finding it in my home decor, but I’m not opposed to some accessories.

What are your spring must-haves? As always, you can find me in-between blog posts on Pinterest pretending that I have an infinite amount of money for cute clothing or on my little business Facebook page. Ta!


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