A Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it: the day is near and you have no clue what to buy. On top of that, the mall is a mess and it’s too late to order online, unless you want to pay the price of your first-born for next day shipping. The best gift you can ever give someone is your time, affection, and respect. Keep reading for thoughtful (and budget-friendly!) Valentine’s Day ideas to share with your significant other, friends, kids, and family.

Bake Something Together

Even if you’re not the world’s greatest chef, it can still be lots of fun to bake (or burn) something together! For Josh and I, this is taking place in the form of blueberry Belgium waffles. However, you can bake anything you want. I was going to link some recipes, but I’m too obsessed with baking to just put 3, so here’s my entire baking recipe haven on Pinterest.

Picnic in the Park Living Room

Grab some take out or cook for yourselves and set up your fort. Take some time to chat or watch movies until the early morning. Of course, if you live in the pit of hell southwest, you can actually picnic in the park this weekend because Arizona doesn’t believe in winter.

Write a Love Letter

Yes, yes, it’s a lost art. We know all that. Love letters don’t have to be written with a quill and ink on parchment and purely romantic in order for them to be great. Some of my best love letters came from friends and families when I was on retreat or written in my high school yearbook. I have saved all of them. Never underestimate the power of kind words on paper. Ever.

Paint Your Hearts Out

For the artsy person in me, I’m all over this. I’m a messy painter so it’s easy to get silly. Yes, some of my paintings are half done with my fingers.

Go for a Long Walk

Even if it’s freezing, there’s something nice about being able to go for walks. It allows us to open up and talk about the greater things in life without the intimidation of eye contact, especially for those hard topics that help relationships grow.

Spa Day

Of course, there’s always enough time for a home pedicure, manicure,a facial, and a bath salt soak. It’s the era of self-love. Be proactive.

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Thanks for stopping by! I hope this Valentine’s Day is filled with love and joy for all of you.

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