The New Dye to Try


I’m no newbie to hair dye. I’ve been dying my hair in some way or form since I was in middle school. Now, I’ve had my fair share of hair nightmares (i.e. the time I told the hair stylist I wanted dirty blonde hair and she turned my hair orange). So, when I decided to try eSalon, I was a little apprehensive.

eSalon is an online hair service. Think the price of box color with the quality of salon color. It is a fairly simple process. After logging on, you go through a series of questions (i.e. your skin tone, natural hair color, if your hair currently has dye in it, what color you want to achieve, etc.). Then, it takes you to a page with a model that matches your skin tone and a selection of colors. It looks like the screen below. The nice thing about eSalon is that they keep you within a range of colors that are going to look naturally good on you.

I was sick of my grown out highlights and wanted to transition to back to a dark brunette. My natural hair color is a medium, red-ish brunette and I cannot stand the red in my hair! It has been a consistent struggle to find hair dye that does not turn my hair brassy or red. When I received my package, it looked like a little something below. Keep in mind that I got all of this for $20! My online stylist included a second bottle of free hair dye because I have long hair. My hair almost reaches to my waist and there was plenty of dye left over, so don’t fear.

The package includes gloves, stain guard, stain removal, shampoo + conditioner, detailed instructions, and the developer + hair color. The little extras I got were the coloring tools that include a brush (for hair dye), mixing bowel, 4 large clips, and a timer. Lots of toys to play with!


This is my final result! I love this color. I don’t think I’ve ever achieved my “perfect” brunette before this. It also looks very natural in photos and in person. eSalon made home hair dying for a rookie pretty simplified and I’ve gone through a couple of washes and the color has not washed off. I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking to change up their color or enhance their natural color. If you want to check out eSalon, click here to receive $10 off your first order!

IMG_5121 IMG_5174


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