My Holy Grail Hair Products + My Secret to Growing Long Hair Fast


Since about halfway through high school, I’ve consistently had people come up to me and ask me about my hair. How to grow it so fast, how I blow-dry it, what products I use, etc. Though the products have changed over the years, my routine hasn’t. So below are my little secrets to keeping your hair in tiptop shape! Stay tune to the end for my hair growing secret!

Note:  My hair type is naturally wavy. I have fine hair, but a lot of it, thus it has medium thickness. My natural hair color is a light-medium red-brown, but I’m known for dying it darker. In fact(!), I’m planning on dying it a dark brown very soon because I’m sick of my grown out highlights! (I know, bad girl for those grown out highlights…) I will post a review in a couple of days on the dye I use for that!




This stuff is liquid gold. Usually, I put my hair in a ponytail so I can be sure that I’m really saturating my ends with the hair mask. I will then put it into my roots while my hair is still up. To be sure all my hairs are getting love, I take my hair out of the ponytail and spread some more on any dry areas. While this soaks in, I brush my teeth, ready my outfit, and let the shower warm up. It says to leave it in for 2-3 minutes, but I leave it in for closer to 10-15 minutes. No, it has not made my hair greasy! It has just left it super soft and shiny. You can find it here.


IMG_4993 IMG_4999

I usually start with the keratin oil shampoo and then do a second round using the biotin + collagen shampoo. I also use the conditioner version of the biotin + collagen. Before putting in the conditioner, I wring the excess water out of my hair. This lets the conditioner absorb properly. Then, I will do all the other “fun” girl things while my conditioner sits. The last thing I do in the shower is rinse out my conditioner!


IMG_4996 IMG_4995

Before I comb or brush my hair, I run some of Aveda’s Damage Remedy through my hair and then use the Brazilian keratin therapy shimmering oil. Because my hair is so long, I usually flip my hair over my head for this part so I can run it through all parts evenly. I avoid my roots. I then use a wide-tooth comb on my hair starting by detangling my ends and working my way up from there. This makes it so I don’t rip out any hair and avoid split ends for as long as possible!



Sometimes I blow-dry my hair, other times I can’t gather a care in the world to do so. No matter what, I use some of this L’Oreal Boost It Volume Inject Mousse. I don’t use very much; only what fits nicely in the palm of my hand (and it does expand!) and I massage that into my roots. I also massage it into the roots towards the back of my head as well! I then run a comb through my hair to even out the product. From there, I either tousle my hair to air-dry or I blow-dry it. Not pictured: Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, which I use if I’m using any sort of heat, including blow-drying. Not only does this protect your hair from heat damage, but it also leaves it very shiny.


In the last 5-ish months, my hair has gone from shoulder length to waist-length. Some of this could possibly be genetics, but much of it has to do with my routine. So, how does it happen? As much as this may disturb some of you germophobes, the secret is to not wash your hair often. I used to wash (shampoo + condition) my hair every other day and it would grow ~6-12 in/yr (which is normal). I switched to only washing my air every 4-8 days and now my hair grows ~6-12 inches in 5 months! With long hair, I also find that I only need trims every 10-12 weeks instead of the standard 4-6 weeks that is recommended. So, next time you take your daily shower, trying skimping on that shampoo + conditioner!


One thought on “My Holy Grail Hair Products + My Secret to Growing Long Hair Fast

  1. Hej, its soo true that washing your hair too often doesnt do you any good:) I have long hair and only wash it every 5th day:) (and it actually looks its best at around the 3rd)


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